Shameless Exploitation

The most gratifying thing in my life is when I can make people laugh. With that in mind, I have written two books: Revenge for the Dogs and Green Stuff. My desire is that you strangers will enjoy my blog posts so much, you will buy these books and make me rich enough to feed the world, or at least myself.

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This is a story of a rural mail carrier set on avenging the deaths of her favorite customer and his little dogs. God decides to allow a certain angel to help. Turns out, the angel needs help, too.


This is easily one of the wildest stories I’ve ever read. If Tom Robbins and Terry Pratchett got drunk together at a church picnic, maybe, just maybe, they’d come close to the creativity of Ms. Pants. Revenge for the Dogs is a funny, barreling story with a unique vision of the relationship between heaven and earth, replete with animals, misdeeds, and high-jinx topped off with a couple cases of righteous vengeance, naturally.

(review by Sara Zaske, author of Achtung Baby–An American Mom on the German Art of Raising Self-Reliant Children.)

This is a story of a rural mail carrier whose curiosity led her to discover an underground laboratory filled with strange creatures and a family of scientists bent on saving the planet, among other things…

From the author of “Revenge for the Dogs,” this adventure-involving yet another intrepid rural mail route carrier-takes us back to western Michigan for a story involving a cheating rose grower and a family of diabolical genetic engineers. This well-written original story takes you on a ride that will leave you laughing, cringing and avoiding those tempting backroads for quite a while. (review by Alexie Aaron, author of The Haunted Series, Cid Garrett P.I. Series, and Cin Fin-Lathen Mysteries.)

Author: Sandy Pants

This is where I invite, (beg), my readers to download my eBooks, "Revenge For The Dogs," and "Green Stuff," available from Amazon. Guaranteed to make you laugh, or your money back.

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